Random Problem Set – 1

  1. Maximum Number of glasses required at a party
  2. Find Excel column name from a given column number.
  3. Given n positive real numbers, find whether there exists a triplet among this set such that, the sum of the triplet is in the range (1, 2). Do it in linear time and O (1) space. The approach is important
  4. Element distinctness problem  – It is a well studied problem in many different models of computation. The problem may be solved by sorting the list and then checking if there are any consecutive equal elements; it may also be solved in linear expected time by a randomized algorithm that inserts each item into a hash table and compares only those elements that are placed in the same hash table cell.
    Stack Overflow – For a small set of nos. in range 0 to n we can use the approach of using the array index to maintain the count of each element. This approach has been used in array problem set.
  5. Set of 25 common problem in an interview.
  6. Count trailing zeroes in factorial of a number

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