Design a Meeting Scheduler

SO Lately, I took an interview. I was asked to design a meeting scheduler, just like in the Microsoft outlook calendar or the gmail calendar. I proposed that I will create an array of 48 for each day. Every 30 min representing the array entry. I have to make sure that the next appointment does… Continue reading Design a Meeting Scheduler


Load Balancer

Differences Between Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing -  Layer 4 load balancing operates at the intermediate transport layer, which deals with delivery of messages with no regard to the content of the messages. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the Layer 4 protocol for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic on the Internet. Layer 4 load balancers simply forward network packets to and from… Continue reading Load Balancer

Design a highly consistent and is network partition tolerant DB

Link to original IntervieBit article Q: What is the amount of data that we need to store?  Anwer: Let's assume a few 100 TB. Q: Do we need to support updates?  A: Yes. Q: Can the size of the value for a key increase with updates?  A: Yes. In other words, its possible a sequence of keys could co-exist on one server previously,… Continue reading Design a highly consistent and is network partition tolerant DB