Consistence Hashing

Youtube (This is very basic implementation). Check Ketama for real implementation. Article 1 - Gives a very clean and concise way why to use consistence hashing and not the naive approach. We need consistence hashing to try to minimize the re-hashing/invalidation when a new server/machine is added or a machine goes down. Read this  Article  for more clarity.… Continue reading Consistence Hashing


Hashing Question List

InterviewBit Imp Problem Set  GeeksForGeek Problem Set   and *** Java HashMap, HashSet. when to use what and how to use them. HashSet contains only values whereas HashMap contains entry(key and value). Most of hashing questions are formed in association with String and Array. HashMap Basic Operations  Iterator Map<Integer, Integer> dataSet = new HashMap<Integer, Integer>(); dataSet.get(),… Continue reading Hashing Question List