Shuffle an array

The general method for shuffling is biased. Check this - and When shuffling the maximum number of possible outcome can't be more then n!( n is the number of items being shuffled). So if the algo generate more then n! possible outcome then the algo is biased. The Knuth Fisher-Yates Algorithm produces unbiased shuffled outcome. It… Continue reading Shuffle an array

How the Old Napster Worked – setting up a P2P network. 

Link Napster was a mixed Architecture - Client-Server and P2P (Video). Here is what happened when you decided to look for the song: You opened the Napster utility. Napster checked for an Internet connection. If it found a connection, Napster logged you onto the central server. The main purpose of this central server was to… Continue reading How the Old Napster Worked – setting up a P2P network.