Puzzle Set – 2

Puzzle Set 1 I offer to play a card game with you using a normal deck of 52 cards.  the rules of the game are that we will turn over two cards at a time.  if the cards are both black, they go into my pile.  if they are both red, they go into your… Continue reading Puzzle Set – 2


Factorial and Prime

Factorial is defined only for natural numbers( no fractions and no negative numbers). 0! = 1 Unit digit of factorial of any number greater than 5 is always 0.  Exponent of a in in n!( Highest power of a in n!). a is a prime number. 11:54 Number of 0 in n!  24:00

Puzzle – Set 1

-Few Link - 1. Logic Puzzle 4. Puzzles and Trick Questions 5. PuzzleFry 6. ***BigRiddle 7. ***CrazyForCode 8. *Quora Thread 1 9. *Youtube 1 10. ***http://www.mytechinterviews.com/category/puzzles/page/4 11. http://www.techinterview.org/page/3/ 12. https://gauravsachin007.wordpress.com/page/5/ 13.*** Geeksforgeeks.org 14. http://interviewpuzzles1568.blogspot.in/, http://cseanitw.blogspot.in/2012/03/algol-question-paper-1write-method-to.html http://commoninterview.com/tag/coin,+puzzle,+box,all I borrowed $50 from mum and $50 from dad to buy a bag costing $97. After the purchase, I had $3 left. I returned… Continue reading Puzzle – Set 1